Why Micro Greens? 

An aid in healing of all kinds

Micro greens facilitate healing of all kinds including depression, nutritional deficiencies, and anxiety. The enhanced nutrition of micro greens can provide the strength needed to withstand the rigors of emotional and spiritual growth. 

Dietary Needs

Micro greens help reduce food cravings and aid in creating a sustainable diet with high nutrition, and lower calories. Micro greens also aid in the establishment and maintenance of a long term ketogenic diet.

Conservation of resources

The production of micro greens uses significantly less water, soil, labor and energy than conventional production of macro greens. Growing them organically eliminates the use of chemicals. Growing them locally reduces transportation costs and impacts to the environment.   

Local Business

Growing your own food or buying food from a local source supports community based agriculture. Developing local agriculture creates sustainable food sources within our communities, insulating us from global issues such as drought, economic turmoil, and other potential negative impacts.

Health and Well being

The extraordinary nutritional value of microgreens enhance and support any diet and lifestyle. When combined with a ketogenic diet, recent research indicates that a host of degenerative disorders can be lessened if not eliminated entirely. A partial list of disorders that are positively affected by a ketogenic diet are epilepsy, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, adhd, Alzheimers, autism, parkinsons, dementia, aging, and gum disease. 

Organic and Non-Gmo

We grow all of our micro greens by using USDA organic and Non GMO seed. We also use OMRI certified organic soil and worm castings. This not only protects those of us who grow the micro greens, but also those who consume them. We are protecting biodiversity by not introducing chemicals into our environment at any point in the process. To further lessen the oil and chemical impact of our production, instead of using plastic trays, we grow our microgreens in untreated cedar trays we build ourselves.